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Michelle Nov 08 2016

Blake Austin College offers both Clinical and Administrative Medical Assisting programs. You might be wondering what the difference in the two are, or you may be wondering which one is the right program for you. Here is a brief overview of the two programs and some qualities that people in these fields have. Clinical Medical…

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Michelle Oct 04 2016

Our goal at Blake Austin College is to create successful, well-functioning, responsible professionals. Our students are all unique individuals who, we think, are exceptional and amazing in their own way. While we would love to feature all of our students as the best of the month, we think one student really stood out. We are…

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Michelle Aug 22 2016

At Blake Austin College, we are dedicated to creating well-rounded, self-sufficient, and professional students. All of our students are exceptional. But this month, we wanted to feature one student that we feel goes above and beyond our expectations. We are pleased to recognize Crystal Howard-Britt as our Student of the Month for August! About Crystal…

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Michelle Jul 29 2016

Are you getting ready to start up nursing school? Nursing school is a huge step towards a rewarding, if not exhausting, career. You’ll likely feel all the excitement, anticipation and nervousness that every new nursing student gets. This is totally normal. A great way for you to relieve some of these feelings and get a…

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Michelle May 25 2016

Nurses wear a lot of hats. They’re not just caretakers, they are friends in times of need, a source of support and encouragement. Nurses are the part of the glue that holds the healthcare world together. Here are some Iconic TV Nurses, let us know who your favorite TV Nurse is and checkout our Nursing…

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Michelle May 17 2016

At Blake Austin College of Beauty, we work hard to see our students succeed both in completing their course of study and in their careers. Jasmine Threadgill is a student who has demonstrated remarkable dedication to her education and her craft. Read on to learn about Jasmine and her time with Blake Austin Beauty College….

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