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You can pursue a career in healthcare by starting at Blake Austin College. We have been a leader in the healthcare industry by providing students with the hands-on training and skills they need to be successful, through our healthcare education. We encourage a learning environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, and excellence.

Our healthcare programs are designed not only to prepare students to pass their state licensing exams but to be successful in post-graduation careers.

We offer programs in

We also offer continuing education courses. Our modern facility allows students to study and gain practical experience with the latest tools and equipment. Whether you want to pursue a future somewhere like a hospital, nursing home, doctor’s office, or dental office, our qualified instructors can help you gain the confidence you need.

Your future in healthcare could start sooner than you think. Take the next step towards your goals and contact us today to find out more about getting started at Blake Austin College in Vacaville, CA.

Why Choose Blake Austin College

  • Multiple License Programs
  • Top Educators
  • Modern Facility
  • School Culture
  • Community Involvement
  • Business Sales Training
  • Exam Prep
  • Alumni Benefits

At Blake Austin College, we believe that life’s too short to give our time to something we don’t enjoy. We spend the majority of our time at our jobs, so why not do something we love?

Student Success Stories


  • “Being an older woman coming back to school was a very scary time for me. I wasn’t sure how schools would see me or even if they’d give me the time. I met Stephanie first and from that day I knew this was a school I wanted to be in. She guided me through the process and I started on time. My instructors I felt were picked just for me. There was never a day I felt they were there for anything else than to see us succeed and be the best nurses we could. The support, knowledge and encouragement was always there, never a lack of anything we needed to make it through the program successfully. I built a family while in school and if you’re looking for a place to not only learn, but grow as a person, Blake Austin is the place to go.”

    - Rhonda B.
  • “I’ll never forget her words. ‘You’re here because you want a career. You’re tired of having a j.o.b. – just over broke.’ We had also met Mr. A who gave us our uniform vouchers, etc. He’s an awesome teacher with a great sense of humor but he is humble and has a lot of experience to offer. After 10 months of the most learning, fun, intense, emotional, intimate, growing experiences you can have as a person I had my first day of externship. You do learn in school but it’s nothing like what you learn on externship. Blake Austin College really does do one heck of a job preparing us for our externships. I was always hearing about how outstanding we are and how excellent and professional we are trained. I was assigned to dr. William O’Connor office in Vacaville for Medical Assistant and Vacaville Valley Hospital for phlebotomy externship.”

    - Nina M. (Medical Assistant)
  • “When I enrolled I was a bit apprehensive about starting a new career. I am a breath away from turning 30, and just had a brand new baby. I wasn’t sure if going back to school was even realistic for my lifestyle. However I was at a point in my life where I knew I needed to make a change because I was tired of dead end jobs and wanted something better for myself. When I came in I was a bit insecure about being one of the oldest in the class and starting over but Mr. A made it easy and really creates a team atmosphere in the class so you don’t see age, gender or any other barriers that you may have elsewhere.
    I will be going on extern next month and feel so ready and excited. You always hear people say “if I can do it anybody can” but truly if I can do it, being out of school for over a decade and a mother to 5 children… you most definitely can.”

    - Heather M. (Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy)
  • “Everything about this school is amazing. I’m in my last days of classes here and I loved every second of it. The staff and students are amazing and helpful.”

    - Isabell S.
  • “At Blake Austin Beauty & Wellness Academy, I truly felt that feeling of belonging. ON my first day I was welcomed with open arms. They welcomed my like family. I also become more confident with my clients. Being in school helped me overcome those fears and grow more sure of myself.”

    - Flynn Pule (Licensed Massage Therapist)
  • “I attended the dental assisting program and I had such a great experience. The instructors are amazing! They care so much about the students, are always so helpful and supportive. I definitely recommend the dental assisting program!!”

    - Myah C.
  • “I attended the dental assisting program and I had such a great experience. The instructors are amazing! They care so much about the students, are always so helpful and supportive. I definitely recommend the dental assisting program!!”

    - Dustin M.
  • “I had checked out a bunch of other schools but had decided on this school because of the feel I got when I walked into those doors… I not only felt like people were aiming for me to succeed but I also loved the classrooms and the cleanliness.”

    - Alyssa G.