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Cosmetology Aug 22 2016 Author: Michelle

Student of the Month: Crystal Howard-Britt

At Blake Austin College, we are dedicated to creating well-rounded, self-sufficient, and professional students.

All of our students are exceptional. But this month, we wanted to feature one student that we feel goes above and beyond our expectations. We are pleased to recognize Crystal Howard-Britt as our Student of the Month for August!

About Crystal

Crystal has always had a passion for doing hair. She mentioned how much she loved it in high school.

“As a girl in high school, I use to do all my family and friend’s hair. So I finally made the decision to pursue it full time as a career.”

And a career is soon to follow for Crystal, as she is set to graduate in April of 2017.

Here, our students are encouraged to be passionate about what they do. And to explore everything we have to offer. When we asked Crystal what her favorite part of cosmetology was, she replied that cutting and coloring hair were at the top of her list, but she has come to realize a new found love.

“Since being in the program I have realized that I love doing hair, but I also enjoy makeup!”

Crystal mentioned that she also has a specialized skill set. She said that she specializes in sew-in weaves and making units (wigs). Something that we think is impressive.

Why Crystal Chose Blake Austin College

“I felt like this school was different from the other schools that I had visited. I really like the atmosphere and the staff were very welcoming and encouraging.”

And we strive to make our school feel that way to all students. Our programs are made to help students learn as much as possible, and our instructors are trained to be the authority that students can trust and learn from.

When asked about her opinion on our cosmetology classes, Crystal mentioned that she found the study guides at Blake Austin College to be incredibly helpful in her preparation for state boards.

“I like having them [the study guides] so that when it comes to studying for the state board, I will have something to look back on to study from.”

Through the cosmetology program, she has learned a lot about the skills it takes to become a hair designer but also how to keep and satisfy customers. Crystal is dedicated to learning all aspects of cosmetology in order to make her clients happy.

“I like to give my client what they want and give them a salon experience they will come back for over and over.” she said, “[And] I believe that my passion shows through my work.”

“Customer service is key.”

We always love to see our students succeed once they enter the field. And Crystal has her own goals she wishes to achieve.

“I plan on working from home for two years to save up to open my very own beauty bar in Suisun City.”


Any words of advice for incoming students?

“Stay focused. Make sure you know what you want and you do what you have to do to get there. Make sure you establish a relationship with your instructors so that they know what is going on in your life just in case you need extra help or time for any reason.”

To join Crystal and others in our cosmetology program, contact our admissions office!

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