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Esthetics Oct 04 2016 Author: Michelle

Student of the Month: Briana Disalvo


Our goal at Blake Austin College is to create successful, well-functioning, responsible professionals.

Our students are all unique individuals who, we think, are exceptional and amazing in their own way. While we would love to feature all of our students as the best of the month, we think one student really stood out. We are pleased to recognize one of our talented esthetics students, Briana Disalvo, as our student of the month!

About Briana

“I strive to make my client’s experience as positive as possible every single time.”

Briana started in the esthetics field because of her passion for helping others gain self-confidence and feeling beautiful.

“I had battled acne for years. I tried everything you can think of to try and get rid of it. Finally, last year, I started going to an esthetician. She helped me get on a good skin care regimen and I started getting regular facials. Miraculously, my skin cleared up, after all those years of struggling. That was when it clicked, I knew then and there that I would become an esthetician so that I too can help others feel better about themselves.”


We encourage students to take their passions and turn them into fruitful careers. By offering a thorough program in esthetics (and other fields, too) we allow our students to explore different areas of the professions they wish to have. We asked Briana what her favorite part of the program has been so far, as well as the strengths she has gained from her time here.

Briana said, “The thing that I like to do most in my program would be chemical or enzyme peels. The results can be spectacular and that’s so rewarding for me.”

“My strengths would be my overall passion and dedication to taking care of each and every one of my clients. I truly want to dedicate my career in esthetics to helping others overcome their own skin issues.”

She also mentioned that the training in business management helped her, too.

“Creating my own skincare line was one of my favorite and most rewarding projects. I really loved coming up with a formula and then actually making it and seeing it work.”


Why Briana Chose Blake Austin College

“I chose Blake Austin because of how welcoming everyone was on my initial tour. They make you feel like you’re family and that’s what I was looking for.”

Students are not a number to us. Each student and staff member can make our break our family-like culture. We believe that everyone has a personal responsibility for their own success and experience here, and we do our best to make sure they have all the tools and resources to make it an amazing one!

Briana is set to graduate in October of 2016. Before she leaves us for the world of professional esthetics, we wanted her to give incoming students some advice.

“I advise to always come in early and get ahead on your homework. Staying on top of things will keep your experience here stress free.”


If you’re interested in a beauty career like esthetics or cosmetology, contact us today or review our program pages for more information!

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