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Category: Medical

Kyle Riggs Jul 07 2022

Chasing your dreams of becoming a nurse is a fantastic goal. But you may be curious to know all your options. If you want to know what you can do, read our blog to discover the difference between vocational and registered nursing.

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Kyle Riggs Dec 08 2021

Vocational nursing programs involve a lot of training and learning. There’s a lot of information to remember – so here are some top study tips to help you out.

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Kyle Riggs Oct 25 2021

If you’re interested in pursuing a phlebotomy career but have questions about the job itself, we’re here to help! Read this blog to learn all about what phlebotomy is and what a phlebotomist does.

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Kyle Riggs Oct 18 2021

Learn what a licensed vocational nurse is, what they do, and where they work. Then, discover the importance of enrolling in a quality LVN program within your state.

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Kyle Riggs Apr 23 2020

At Blake Austin, nothing is more important than making sure our students can study what they love while staying safe. Learn how we plan on doing that through online applications and which programs this is available for!

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Kyle Riggs Feb 06 2019

Take our quiz to see which healthcare program could be best for you!

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