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Cosmetology, Esthetics, Medical Apr 23 2020 Author: Kyle Riggs

Let’s Talk About Your Future Education at Blake Austin, Online!

With the COVID-19 outbreak disrupting our schedules and daily routines, many people may be feeling uncertain about what this means for their future. Whether you’re graduating high school this year or you’ve wanted to change your career to something you’re passionate about, you’re probably wondering if getting started with your education is still a possibility. At Blake Austin College, nothing is more important to us than making sure we’re safely helping our students start their educational journey. That’s why our Admissions team and Financial Aid team is still here and ready to help you apply for your future completely online!

Learn more about why you shouldn’t let this situation stop you from starting your dream career and what you can do now to prepare for the next step when it’s safe to do so.

What Does This Outbreak Mean for My Future?

As news continues to develop daily and many of us are encouraged to stay inside, it can feel hard to know what we should be doing now. After all, no one wants to put their dreams on hold. This quarantine may have you reflecting on what life was like before this happened and you’re committed to make a positive change for yourself at the other end. That’s why we’re making it so you can still start your journey online right now and you’ll be able to complete your education when we’re allowed to return to the classroom setting.

What Hasn’t Changed for My Future Education?

There are a lot of uncertainties right now so we wanted to give you a much-needed break and talk about something that hasn’t changed: an education to start your future! To succeed in your career, it’s no secret that you need to have the necessary skills and training to do what you love well. This applies to both the medical and beauty industry! Gaining the proper skills and training for either of these industries have always come from a high-quality education and this outbreak hasn’t changed that. The first step is still learning more about what you can do to get started.

Our team at Blake Austin hasn’t changed either! We’re always here to help you learn more about your personal journey and what you need to set up a successful future. We’ll go through exactly how you can get started today!

How Can I Start My Education?

You’re probably wondering what can you do right now in quarantine to prepare for an education. While we’re only offering online education to current students right now, that doesn’t mean you have to wait to take the first step. Wondering what you need to do to get in contact with our team? Here’s how you can learn more:

    • 1. Click the “Apply Now” button on our website or contact us at one of our locations.
    • 2. Schedule a digital meeting with one of our admissions team members who are there to walk you through your entire application.
    • 3. Come prepared with questions. Whether you want to know more about what you can learn in our programs or which financial aid options you could qualify for, our team is ready to help!


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What Programs Can I Apply for at Blake Austin?

Now that you know how to get started, you’re probably asking yourself which programs this applies to. We’re happy to say that students who are interested in any of our programs can now complete much of their application process online! Whether you want to start a medical program at our main campus or beauty at our branch campus, our admissions team is ready to help you!

Not sure what you could be studying at our school? Here’s a list of all the programs we offer!

Main Campus

At Blake Austin College, we offer a variety of healthcare classes so you can begin a future that’s specific to your interest. Through a combination of practical and theoretical learning, we work to prepare students for a real clinical environment upon graduation. Here are all the medical programs you can study at Blake Austin:

Branch Campus

At our branch campus, our multiple beauty programs are designed so students can personalize their future in the growing industry. To help students easily transition from student to professional, our programs teach beauty theory along with practical learning in our student salon and spa. Here, students can practice what they’ve learned on real guests under the direct supervision of licensed instructors. Here are all the beauty programs you can study at Blake Austin:

Chat With Us Online

We know these are unprecedented times but it’s important to know that this is only temporary. That’s why our team is ready to help you get started so you can join an amazing group of students who are ready to start their education when it’s safe! Fill out the form on our website or call or text us today if you’re ready to begin your education. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get started!

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