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Dental Apr 18 2016 Author: Michelle

Why Dental Assisting?

blake-austin-college-california-dental-assistingAs trends shift and industries fade in and out of popularity, there is one thing that doesn’t change: a beautiful smile.

Dental health and hygiene has always been important, and lately the cosmetic aspect of dentistry has increased in popularity and demand.

So now more than ever, the need for skilled dental professionals is not going away anytime soon.


What Is Dental Assisting?

Much like nurses and doctors, medical assistants work to ensure the safety and comfort of their patients. Dental Assistants work chair side with the dentist for patient treatments and also on their own.

Training to become a Dental Assistant prepares individuals for work a variety of settings that includes but is not limited to:

  • Private dental offices
  • Large dental companies
  • County or State facilities in the areas of General Dentistry, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Pedodontics, Orthodontics
  • Front office of a clinic and other professional settings

The Dental Assisting program at Blake Austin College can prepare students to sit for the exam to become a Registered Dental Assistant in the state of California.

More About the Program

Becoming a Dental Assistant after training at Blake Austin College can provide students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge base and skill set by becoming certified in the following:

  • Infection Control
  • Sealants
  • Radiation
  • Coronal Polish and more 

Why Should I Pursue a Career in Dental Assisting?

Dentistry and dental health are fulfilling tracks within the medical field. Blake Austin students are can be provided a quality education that comes with a network of professionals that remains even after graduation.


Blake Austin College is proud to provide training and education that can prepare a student to sit for the exam to become a Registered Dental Assistant. Plus, we do this with flexible scheduling at affordable costs. We aren’t just training students who want to work in the dental field, we are producing the next well-trained generation of dental professionals. Our mission is to work diligently to provide our students with all of the tools and options that they need to begin a successful career.


Blake Austin offers various scheduling options. Because our goal is to help our graduates become as successful in their chosen field as possible, accommodating for our students needs is a crucial part of their education.  Students who are transitioning from one field to another or working at the same time especially find flexible scheduling appealing.

Competitive Salary

Actual salaries may vary greatly based on a number of factors such as specialization within the field, location, years of experience and other factors such as certifications. Though earnings are determined by experience, location, and education, the average earnings in the US for a Registered Dental Assistant are above $15.00/ hour. The field is continually expanding and the need for experienced RDAs will also continue to grow. The opportunity for higher pay as you gain experience will always be present.

Learn more about Dental Assisting at Blake Austin College, speak with an admissions representative and see what we can do to help you begin the path to your career!



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