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Uncategorized Apr 12 2016 Author: Michelle

Blake Austin College Student of the Month: Erica Richards


Blake Austin College is the place for aspiring professionals who are seeking to take control of their future, and their careers.


That makes our campus home to some of the brightest and boldest students, and we are proud to have such motivated people in our programs. It is our pleasure to acknowledge Erica Richards as the Student of the Month at the Blake Austin Beauty College for the month of April!


About Erica

If there is one thing that Erica is passionate about, it’s making people feel good. She is already a licensed esthetician and is on her way to adding “licensed cosmetologist” to her list of accolades.


Cosmetology is the perfect career for someone who loves meeting new people, and helping them to feel confident and refreshed.  


“I enjoy every aspect of the program,” said Erica. “It challenges and motivates me to actualize my fullest potential.”


At Blake Austin Beauty College, students are encouraged to explore their interests and foster the passions that develop during their time in the program.  While Erica said that she couldn’t pinpoint only one particular interest right now, her favorite thing during her training to do is to practice a lot because she was so intrigued by every unit.


“Anything where I can utilize my creativity is my favorite thing,” said Erica, adding that she never does the same “look” twice. “I feel it will lose its integrity. Hair styling, cutting, coloring is a form of art and should be treated as such,” she says.blake-austin-beauty-college-california-cosmetology


Though she couldn’t say for sure what her favorite part about her program is, she did mention one of the more memorable projects.


“I really enjoyed the fashion show! It was so much fun working with fellow students and letting our creativity flow!” Erica shares.


Why Erica Chose Blake Austin College

Erica is dedicated to pushing herself to her full potential, and naturally she wanted to attend a school that is equally as dedicated to student success.


“We’re all designed to be great in our own likeness. We can gather knowledge from peers and educators, and yet it’s our responsibility to walk in our own greatness.” Erica said.


“Blake Austin is a beautiful school with great educators and mentors,” Erica says, further explaining, “We are truly blessed to have a great learning environment to thrive in. I’m in the business of making people feel beautiful about themselves and that is what Blake Austin has helped me to do.”


Erica said that learning how to better her customer service has also been a redeeming feature of Blake Austin Beauty College.  


“I will always give my best efforts, from my customer service to the finishing touches!” said Erica. “I will love on your hair, skin, and nails up until we finalize your transaction, because I care about my client and my brand that much.” Adding, Erica loves how much she has gained as a strong sense of confidence from her education.


Erica is scheduled to graduate from Blake Austin Beauty College in July of 2016, and has plans to work in a full service salon, to continue to grow her skills and her business.


“Ideally, I would like to own my own salon and spa one day,” Erica said, “which is something that Blake Austin has prepared me to do.”

Book Now with Erica through Blake Austin Beauty College, or follow her journey on Instagram at @beautybyerich!’


Did Erica’s story inspire you? Blake Austin Beauty College  offers quality cosmetology and esthetics programs, see what Blake Austin Beauty College can do for your dreams!

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