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Medical Mar 22 2017 Author: Kyle Riggs

A Day in the Life of a Vocational Nursing Student

There are so many things to enjoy while attending classes here at Blake Austin. From the school activities to bonding with your teachers and peers, there is never a dull day. To capture what it’s really like to be a student at Blake Austin College, we’ve asked one of our Vocational Nursing students, Paige Ardave, to give us a sneak peek into her day!

What Does Your Week Typically Consist Of?

“The typical day for a nursing student varies greatly, I am in a day program.”

We strive to give our students the opportunity to learn their trade in a variety of ways. Our curriculum includes theory, clinic time, observation, critical thinking, and exams. Every day at Blake Austin is different, but typically Paige’s days look something like this:

  • Studying theory.
  • Learning a new skills like assisting patients in personal care.
  • Taking care of patients in a clinic.
  • Shadowing a Licensed Nurse while they assess and observe patients, work on charting, and pass medications.
  • Combining and applying everything they’ve learned that week to study for an upcoming exam.
  • Spending time with peers while learning in groups.

What Type of Personality Shines in This Program?

“I would have to say the common personality trait between us all are is that we are so supporting and caring for one another. I feel as though I have found a family that I can count on as the years pass by.”

Vocational Nurses are often caring, motivated, happy, and passionate individuals. Loving your job can make all the difference to your patients and your future. Next, we asked Paige to give some advice to those who are looking to join the program.

“The advice I would have to give someone coming into this program, is that you need to be very dedicated to wanting to continuing this part of your education. It is as if it is a full time job. My life personally was consumed by the many hours and dedication after hours of practicing and accomplishing goals I set for myself when I started this program.”

What Have You Enjoyed the Most So Far?

“I want to just make sure that it is known that the teachers are wonderful and what makes this program truly enjoyable. Without the support and timeless hours spent helping shape us into the nurses we will soon become is what will remember the most. I will be most certainly grateful at the continuing care and support I received from my teachers.”

“My favorite part of this program was the opportunity to be able to experience children and working with them. I want to work in pediatrics and Blake Austin was able to provide a clinical site where I was able to do so. I think that being able to go to many different sites also game me a great aspect of each different type of nursing I could pursue.”

Why Blake Austin?

“What [I] love most about Blake Austin in general is the wonderful teachers here who are dedicated to being there for you. They want you to do your best just as much as you, yourself want to do your best. It is great knowing that you have a supportive team behind you cheering you on as you make you way through the program.”

Thanks for the insight, Paige, we’ve enjoyed having you here, and we are excited to see you thrive throughout the program! If you’re interested in joining Paige in this fun and exciting career, check out our program page, and contact us for more information on how to get started!

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