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Uncategorized May 19 2017 Author: Kyle Riggs

3 Body Regions to Focus on for Aches & Pains

Ever experience extreme pressure build up in your shoulders and back? Do you get headaches all the time? Want to wake up feeling better? Here are 3 body regions you may want to keep in mind while trying to ease some of that muscle tension and pain:


This area doesn’t usually receive as much attention as it deserves. By targeting the Upper Trapezius muscles located in the back, beneath the skull, you may be able to relieve common problems like pressure headaches. Pressure headaches are one of the most common types of headache. This area causes the most reactions in those who are receiving the massage. When pressure is applied, it almost always results in a, “Oh yeah. That’s the spot!”


The Thoracolumbar Corner is the technical term for this area and is the spot between your bottom rib and your spine. This area is usually higher on the back than where the actual pain is being felt. Once you’ve had a massage in this area, you may start to notice a difference in your lower back. For people who commonly experience lower back pain, focusing on this region of the body can help loosen things up.


Discomfort experienced from the waist down can be helped by focusing on the Gluteus or “Glutes”. This area is located on the side of the hips where the seam of your pants is. It is key for the entire bottom half of your body. Hip pain, leg pain, and buttock pain can all be helped by massaging this region.

Is That All?

There are many more areas of the body that can help lessen pain caused by muscle problems, and only a few were mentioned here. Massage Therapy can help in living a more balanced life. There are so many techniques and practices that can be used to help people feel more comfortable and experience a greater quality of life.

Want to Learn More?

If you want to learn more about Massage Therapy, check out our Program! Request information on how to become a Massage Therapist, or chat with an admissions team member. Take charge of your future today!

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