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Fashion Mar 03 2016 Author: Michelle

Transferring to Blake Austin

In February, Marinello School of Beauty announced they were closing the doors at their 56 locations leaving thousands of students displaced and questioning their next step.

Blake Austin College is truly sorry to hear of the Marinello School closures, but we are prepared to work hard in returning displaced students to the classroom and clinic floor.

In order to make the process simple, the Enrollment Fee for all transfer students will be waived for the month of March. (Our next class starts March 22.)

Maybe your school didn’t close its doors, but if your educational needs aren’t being met at your current school, Blake Austin College can help. Here is everything you need to know about how to transfer to our school.

Blake Austin College provides quality beauty and medical education.

Pictured Above: Salon floor where students practice and perform services


Where Do I Start?

 Transferring can be a lengthy process, but Blake Austin  College works diligently to expedite the process so you will  spend less time waiting and more time learning.

The first step to start the process is to schedule an  appointment with an Admissions and Enrollment advisor.  They will help you to make sure you have the necessary  documents.

*What to Bring:

-Photo ID

-High School Diploma/ GED


-Training and Education Plan

*If you’re one of the students displaced by the Marinello closure, be sure to bring ALL of the documents provided by Marinello in the close-out packets.

Evaluation and Assessment

Whether you’re only a few weeks into your program or weeks away from graduation there is a place for everyone with a drive to succeed at Blake Austin College!

The transcripts from your prior school will give us a better understanding of the material that you have covered and your skill level. In order to make sure we are placing students into the proper unit of study, a written exam or demonstration of skills might be used to determine the best starting point for your goals.

Once the Education Assessment is complete and students are able to see which hours were accepted, an appointment with a Financial Advisor will determine eligibility for financial aid and assistance.

Keep in mind, that each student is assessed for transfer and financial ability on an individual basis and we take great care to help students find the greatest solutions for their unique needs.

“We work very hard to make sure that students are assessed on an individual basis so that we can truly align their goals with their progress,” explains Nicole Martinez, our BAC Enrollment Advisor.

Blake Austin College provides quality beauty and medical education.

Blake Austin College features a fully functioning salon for students to learn in.


Things to Keep in Mind

Rest assured that Blake Austin will work diligently to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Again, the Enrollment Fee for ALL transfer students will be waived for the month of March and our next class begins in just a couple weeks.

Click here or call 707-448-3100 and schedule an appointment today!


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